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Phoenix modified the design of an approved subdivision that employed a large Detention Basin sized for a 25-yr storm. The revised design incorporated bioretention, grassy swales, pervious pavement, flat curbs and reduced street widths to satisfy 100-yr storm conditions without requiring a Detention Basin. In addition to the improved aesthetics, the net effect of the LID (Low Impact Design) practices was to increase the number of lots by 9 percent without decreasing lot sizes and while satisfying a 100-yr storm design criteria..

Sustainable Site Design

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Due to improvements to athletic fields and walking paths at Green Hills Park, stormwater improvements were required. Neighborhood opposition to a traditional Retention Pond design that would require blasting and fencing to protect children from falling into the Retention Pond led to the design and permitting of a series of Rain Gardens in the Park that would attenuate on-site flows from a 100-yr storm. Rain Gardens replaced the pond with a number of planting areas surrounded by trees enhancing the park experience. The contributing runoff areas were identified and the resulting flows were determined by computer model to establish the design basis for the Rain Gardens. The site was then modeled with Rain Gardens to demonstrate to regulator that the post-development flows did not exceed pre-development flows.



The existing library campus is being re-designed to incorporate LID practices to upgrade from a 25-yr Detention Pond design to a 100-yr design. Sustainable Design approaches being considered include Rain Gardens, Porous Pavement, Grassy Swales, and Bioretention Cascades. A portion of the Detention Pond is proposed to be converted to an activity area (either a pavilion or amphitheater type) with an educational pathway, shaded benches, and story boards through the pond area. The project will be used to provide sustainable practice educational and public awareness benefits to library users.

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