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Contaminated environmental media is a liability that can be eliminated in many cases. Regulatory agencies have instituted voluntary clean-up programs in addition to the mandated programs under RCRA and Superfund. The voluntary programs in most states have a streamlined process for approval and clean-up.

Cost is a major factor (in addition to regulatory drivers) affecting the decision to proceed with a clean-up activity. Clean-up costs have dropped dramatically as technologies have advanced. Phoenix has been involved in the remediation business since its infancy in the early 80’s. Remediation is a natural extension of our expertise in treating wastes. During that time, we have seen the clean-up technologies advance tremendously. Phoenix obtained early experience treating creosote and pentachlorophenol contamination in soil and groundwater at wood preserving sites and was a bioremediation proponent to USEPA prior to its later acceptance as a treatment technology.

Phoenix has designed groundwater and soil remediation systems dealing with metals, soluble organics, DNAPLS, and LNAPLS.

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Table of industries remediated and technologies used

This matrix provides a brief sample of Phoenix’s broad experience in this specialty area.  However, our capabilities are not limited to the summary provided.

Formerly contaminated groundwater site
Specialty bacteria utilized during groundwater bioremediation
Contaminated soil industrial site
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