• Conceptual Design
  • Comparison of Alternatives
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Design Basis Development
  • Process Selection and Sizing
  • Construction Plans and Specs
  • Detailed Cost Estimates

Evaluations and Studies

  • Bench / Pilot Scale Treatability Studies
  • Impacts of New Product Waste Streams
  • System Capacity Analysis
  • Sampling / Characterization Studies
  • Full-Scale Trials of Operational Modifications
  • Construction Plans and Specs


  • Troubleshoot Existing Systems
  • Optimize Performance
  • Cost / Benefits Analysis
  • Define Waste Reduction Opportunities
  • Expert Technical Representation & Advocacy with Regulators

Training & Operations Assistance

  • Customized Operator Training
  • Full Contract Operations
  • User-Friendly O&M Manuals
  • Streamlined SOPs
  • Upgrade Data Management Systems
  • On-call Technical Assistance


Industrial Wastewater Treatment

The field of industrial wastewater management has changed significantly in recent years imposing more burdens on facilities trying to comply with permits.

  1. Bullet  Discharge permit limitations are more stringent increasing focus on specific compounds,

  2. Bullet  A push toward water reuse requires greater treatment,

  3. Bullet  Whole effluent toxicity testing (bioassays) is fully implemented,

  4. Bullet  New pretreatment standards and tighter pretreatment permits limits have been

     promulgated, and

  1. Bullet  Water quality criteria are commonly used in effluent discharge permits.

Increased regulatory requirements, high treatment costs, and limited capital resources dictate the need for new approaches to meet government imposed limitations while conserving capital. 

The personnel of Phoenix Environmental Engineers, Inc. are highly qualified specialists in wastewater treatment. They have been trained by and worked with world leaders in water pollution control. And they have served industry for over three decades in a variety of environmental problem solving roles: successfully performing conceptual designs, detailed designs, contract operations, treatment research, and expert testimony. Phoenix personnel are therefore, well prepared and qualified to develop the most cost-effective approaches to solving today’s wastewater problems and meeting increasingly stringent discharge permits.


Phoenix provides services in the following areas of wastewater management.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

  1. Bullet Overview

  2. Bullet Wastewater
    Treatment Experience

  3. Bullet Wastewater
    Treatment Operations

Phoenix Engineers conducting a bench scale industrial wastewater treatability study
Treatment plant designed by Phoenix Engineers

This matrix provides a brief sample of Phoenix’s broad experience in this specialty area.  However, our capabilities are not limited to the summary provided.

Wastewater treatment and design experience in many industries
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Activated sludge biological treatment plant